The game is a hybrid of Tower Defense and Card Game - you need to defend from endless waves of monsters wanting your demise.

How to play:

1. You can place towers by  selecting a blue card and then selecting empty tower slot or replacing existing one.

2. You can upgrade towers with a purple card by selecting a card on hand and then selecting tower.

3.  Blue tower cards are one-use, green and purple go to the graveyard and reshuffled when deck is empty.

4.  Green Skill cards (heart) are used by simply clicking them.

5. You can draw a card by clicking on the deck in the top left corner, drawing a card also sends another wave so be careful.

Comments from the authors:

The game was meant to be bigger and have custom  made levels, but in the end most of the development took place a day before submission :) because of that the game lacks balance and sounds, but we managed to implement the mechanics from both Tower Defense and Card Game genres. There are some known issues with animations, for which we used DragonBonesPro and its runtime.

I hope you will enjoy exploring the idea, have fun :)


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Awesome idea and nice animations. I get rid of cards pretty quickly though.

Nice, I really like the concept and it plays reasonably well. As you mention, it lacks balance, but it looks great, and the card mechanic was fun to explore.

The snails have black shells on Wave 22, 24. And slimes have black eyes  on Wave 23. Both look like weird while playing. The snails just look black pieces moving. 

Actually it is a bug, but I was not able to fix it before submission  :/ also I should have made a loop for colors, it would make the colors cycle instead of just go to black.

Awesome idea and art, but it is impossible to win. Some particles will be nice!

Great Work!. Nice art, gameplay, hybrid of TD and card games. but without sound. Fun!!